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8.-10.3. Lyy Raitala & Sanna Nykänen: Lucky potato under the bed

Opening 8.3 18:00- onwards

Sat 12:00-18:00

Sun 12:00-18:00

I woke up and picked up a potato from under the bed. I looked at it and it was unpeeled; the new year started with good financial luck. Days filled with crossword puzzles and the luxury of garden-variety that emerged from aimlessness, uselessness and a generous amount of time. Straight lines after each other, disappearing behind the horizon. I still measure distance with potato fields. The new terrace is ⅙ . It was finally time to start sunbathing by the infinity pools filled with soil and dream of the productivity that only happens under the ground.

In ‘Lucky potato under the bed’ Sanna Nykänen and Lyy Raitala look at the potato as a symbol for luxury, rest and ease. The exhibition considers how the potato-driven life of previous generations was run on intensive physical labour, and how automation introduced leisure and luxury to that life. The simplicity of the potato remains.

Lyy Raitala (born. 1999) is a Finnish artist living in The Netherlands. In installations that combine photography, video and sculpture, she creates absurd narratives that revolves around the mundane, domesticity and everyday rituals. In her work the past meets the modernity investigating the passing of time and stories. Lyy Raitala is graduating in 2024 from the Royal Academy of Art in The Hague from the BA photography department.

Sanna Nykänen (born. 1999) is a designer and a visual artist based in Helsinki. She works within the grey area between art, design and crafting. Her creative practice consists of working with video, motion and publication practices. She graduated as a Bachelor of Arts in 2023 from the Visual Communication Design studies in Aalto University.


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