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12.12.-19.12. Kaisa Kukkonen: take This Touch Inside Your Body

Kaisa Kukkonen: Take This Touch Inside Your Body 12.-19.12.2023

Vernissage on Tuesday 12.12. at 17-20

Opening hours:

Wed-Fri 15-20 Sat-Sun 13-17 Mon-Tue 15-20


Wed - Tattoo 19-20 Fri - Holding 19-20 Sat - Holding 15-17 Tue - Tattoo & Holding 19-20

Take This Touch Inside Your Body is a project that explores the permanence and accumulation of touch in the body. The exhibition is a continuation of the performance with the same name, which premiered on 24 August 2022 at the Reykjavik University of the Arts.

The exhibition will feature photographs, Scores for Touch – a poetry book in process, as well as performative and participatory events. The photos are screenshots from video footage shot by Dan Farberoff.

Kaisa Kukkonen is an interdisciplinary artist-researcher based in Finland. She works with the poetry of movement, politics of touch, and somatic practices. Her background is in dance, words, and performance. Katarina Huber is a touch professional, holistic bodyworker, artist and witch based in Austria. They work with the human body and the interconnectedness of all its layers through touch, opening and holding space, spiritual practice, somatic experiencing as well as artistic research and creation. Their background is in holistic and physical therapies, BDSM practices and spirituality.

The performative events:

Tattoo – visitors will be given a tattoo the size of a dot as a symbol of the

permanence of touch.

Holding – a performative and participatory ritual of being held by Kaisa Kukkonen and Katarina Huber.


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