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12.-17.4. Ilona Osara: Fluid structures

I am fascinated by the ways in which materials; paper, water and pigment react to each other. In the painting process, I use a lot of water on the surface of the paper to which I add colors. I observe and control the process, but I also let the color flow freely. The clean, unprocessed areas of the paper are equally important for the creation of the image. The end result can be surprising after the media has dried up. My works are created intuitively as abstract images. Figures and landscapes emerge from the painted surfaces.

Ilona Osara (@ilonaoart) is a visual artist and paper conservator from Espoo. The base material of the works is often paper and the medium is water-soluble dyes. The interaction of materials and physical phenomena are present and an object of interest in the work. The works are mostly created quickly and in one go, the movement of the water and its ability to transport fluid color on the surface of the paper and in the fibers determine the final result.

Opening on Friday 12.4. 16-17:45

Opening hours:

Fri 14-20

Sat-Sun 11-15

Mon 14-19

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