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14.7.-25.7. Rauha Aaltonen & Aeon Lux: Summer night dream

Vernissage: Fri 14.7. 18-20

Opening hours: Mon-Sun 12-18

In Aaltonen and Lux's world, we fall into the middle of summer, its glimmer, and its madness. At night the lake and its shores are filled with strange magic and creatures. You attempt to catch a glimpse of the forest spirit or your future spouse. You catch sight of the Fool peeking through the bushes. You are ready to have a good time and laugh with him. As you step closer, you notice the Fool having sex with Death and laughing along with the entire universe. There's a splash on the lake, and you catch only a glimpse of a tail flickering on the surface. Was it a mermaid or just an ordinary pike? The night you step into is filled with magic and dreams, but it reveals its desire to awaken you from the realm of sleep and illusions that the dreams of the summer night have led you to. The exhibition showcases oil paintings by Rauha Aaltonen and ceramic sculptures by Aeon Lux.


Rauha Aaltonen (b. 1990, Helsinki) is a visual and ceramic artist. She resides and works in Helsinki. Aaltonen's artworks are conceptual and connected to themes explored on societal levels, such as biodiversity preservation, femininity, the experience of womanhood in society, fairy tales and stories. Her painting technique primarily involves oil painting. Aaltonen layers colors and reads various surfaces and textures. In her works, she explores colors and focuses particularly on constructing her own color palettes.

Aeon Lux (b. 1993, Karkkila) is a multimedia visual artist from Seinäjoki. Her recent work has focused on ceramic sculpture and cartoon animation. Lux's works often get their context from a fictional story or an imaginary self help guide. Her endeavor is to understand the nature of reality and her favorite thing is to keep imagery and meaning in apparent conflict with each other.

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