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15.–21.12.2021 Rita Anttila: Archipelago Love Letter

Exhibition open:

Wed-Sat 14-18

Mon-Thue 14-18

The artwork starts quarter past on every hour during the opening hours.

Archipelago Love Letter is an audio installation whose narrator writes a letter on the island about the future of diverse archipelago nature. He walks through the woods of the island, reads a poem aloud to a little lady, and practices being by the side of silence. He sits on a rock by the sea in the mornings, reflecting on the direction of the wind and the astrological stages of the Moon. Experiencing the connection of nature, the powers of the celestial bodies, and the possibilities of creating new narratives of words are intertwined in one letter, which is at the same time an autofictional, outstretched acknowledgment of longing.

The exhibition, which takes place in the darkest moment of the northern year, invites its experiencers to light and water. The life-sustaining elements are projected as a moving image onto the old canvas while the narrator of the letter makes a journey towards the outline of the new story.


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