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18.-20.10.2021 Krista Blomqvist: Kukkaan Ei Mene Hukkaan

Opening hours: Mon-Wed 12-18

Closing / Finissage on Wednesday, October 20, 2021 from 6 pm to 9 pm

Expressive gadgets tame me, or me them, or both or / or neither, hmm. Still life encounters wild, untamed movement, sensitivity to roughness, hard to soft, vivid growth to lifeless withering, organic to synthetic, momentary to change, etc., etc. The themes are treated as both expressive and more randomly abstract entities. In addition to traditional fabric bases, the works have been made with oil and acrylic paints for alternative painting surfaces.

Krista Blomqvist (b.1986) is a master of arts / visual arts educator and visual artisan who often deals with the idea of ​​dialogue between control and randomness in her works. What is it to do art through management and control in relation to the free flow of the process? In expressive, process-driven work, ideas take shape one after another. Some go out at the beginning, some might light up something, little buds towards the flower.


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