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23.5.-4.6. Jesus Shrestha: Luvattu Maa - The Promised Land

Opening reception: Tuesday 23.5. 16.00-20.00

Gallery Asbestos is pleased to announce Luvattu Maa, the thematic solo show by Helsinki-based Nepali artist Jesus Shrestha. Inspired by the theme of immigration - life and experience, critique of life and others' and his own. Shrestha's scenes evoke his life experienced influenced characteristic style, wavering between the dreamily figurative, purely contemporary installation work.

Artist's yearn for sojourns changing identities with the growing immigration around the globe has defined his meaning towards concept of 'the promised land'. In era of globalization, Shrestha's exhibition dictates the viewers consciences to consider any immigrant in new and different context and re-evaluate their circumstances on 'how one can perceive a human from another land'. The exhibition will present the topic romanticizing face to face as an iterrogative statement with the surreality of its physical structure.

This exhibition is art of experience, urge for belonging and constant battle of battling between changing identities. Immigrating to other nation for 'promised dreams', 'promised freedom', 'promised belonging / promised of being loved' is not a global program but the inescapable condition of romanticizing life.

Artist's work is fascinated by every day popular activities to celebrate without subscribing to the norms of local culture. Shrestha wishes to create a dialogue between the two different worlds in one platform. His work celebrates the diverse culture that surrounds the current state of host society and immigrant. The multiplicities of enthusiasm experienced when immigrating to new country, changing identities may urge from critical to celebratory work. It is from both ends of spectrum of response that Shrestha pulls inspiration, enjoying irony in willing to leave initial identity to move to unknown journey of another land.

Despite the untainted poeticism and metaphorical significance of 'promised land', the artist is eager to reinterpret 'the essence of love / belonging / dreams' from 'you and us' a togetherness perspectives. The journey of becoming 'us' from 'you' in any country is celebratory journey followed by hurdles, stuggles and successes.


Jesus Shrestha (b. Kathmandu, 1991) is a Helsinki based visual artist, storyteller and designer. He is interested in understanding natural and human systems that force change, as well as ways in which humanity adapts itself. He presents these templates of change through a visual imaginative universe that connects the cultural heritage of both Nepal and Finland, fonned through his childhood stories, and incorporating elements and philosophies of contemporary pop culture. As he explores how cultures intertwine with that of others, he is curious how a unique essence can be maintained, celebrated, and shared - while also integrating the benefits found within the surroundings of new environments.

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