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25.1. Book Launch: Recipes for Care & Resilience in the Climate Emergency

Book Launch: Recipes for Care & Resilience in the Climate Emergency

25.1.2023 6pm - 9pm

[excerpts from introduction] What is resilience? In recent years, it is a word that has swirled across disciplines; a word that has sought to provide us with strength, comfort and agency in what is often called ‘troubling times.’ But, what does resilience look like, behave like, in the everyday?

In early summer 2021, a group of transdisciplinary Aalto University students and faculty, came together with invited artists and practitioners on Partiosaari – a small island in East Helsinki, Finland. There we stayed with the discomforts and difficulties associated with the climate crisis in an attempt to navigate the present moment, towards a movement of resilience.

To us, the island became a micro-ecology of environment, emotion and experience; a pause from the vastness of the world’s frictions where we could take a moment to reflect. There, we gathered together with food, at the table and by the fire. We brought ingredients with us and created recipes for sustenance, care and compassion. What we found was both challenging and nourishing; how we came together was unexpected and unforeseen.

From these experiences a recipe book was formed. This book is a collaboration and combination of our ingredients, edible and experiencial. A recipe book for resilience building – for moving with resilience – in difficult times. On the 25th of January we launch our recipe book of resilience and care with an evening event full of food and collective readings.

Working group Mónica Celeste Emma Clear Stella Martino Martta Nieminen Selina Oakes Florencia Pochinki Bailey Polkinghorne Elina Priha Heini Uusisilta-Immonen Tuula Vehanen

Thank you Lucy Davis Julia Lohmann Sanni Saarimäki, Joss Allen Joshua Finch Mari Keski-Korsu Partiosaari

Funded with a Department of Media Grant, Aalto University, Espoo, Finland

Typeface: Baskerville & Masqualero Stencil Printed by Trükiviis Oü, Tallinn, Estonia, 2022


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