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27.6.–2.7. Elisa Sakko: Working with

Exhibition opening hours:

tue-sat 12–18

sun 12–16

So far I have been particularly interested in how space is defined, how I perceive it to be defined by the material. Also, the weight that exists in between and how the different materials make me move.

I think about the rhythm

Much need to lean

A lot of swaying too

And I guess I look for where I can fit myself in.

Working with is a changing installation and a performative, shared workspace. For one week I will be working at Asbestos Art Space, focusing on the communication between materials. I explore the subject through space and movement. I examine my own materiality in relation to the materiality around me, observing the communication between my body and other actors. I bring into the gallery space the materials I have chosen from the studio, such as aluminium sheet, veneer and gravel.

In my work I try to recognise the materiality of space and movement, and to experience an interactive relationship. I look for recurring patterns of communication, distances, pauses, the continuation and transformation of

movement, and the traces that remain and change.

The essence of my project is to describe and draw attention to our ways of dealing with materiality. Perception and active awareness of the environment, as well as an attempt to understand the broader meanings of materials, are important for being in the world. The way we treat everything around us constantly shapes our environments. Treating material as passive matter contributes to maintaining an indifferent attitude towards the environment and prevents us from seeing the constantly moving nature of reality. By representing my own communication with

materials, I aim to draw the viewer's attention to their own materiality in relation to their environment.

Working with is one step in my longer-term project all-in-between, which is part of my ongoing work to understand materiality. In Asbestos Art Space, I will share and continue to work on the notes and sketches I’ve made during 2023.

Elisa Sakko (b.1994) lives and works in Turku.

The project is supported by the Finnish Cultural Foundation, Varsinais-Suomi Regional fund.


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