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27.7.-1.8.2023. Henna Herranen: Accumulations and the smallest movements

Opening on thursday 27.7. 18-21

Opening hours:

Fri 12-18

Sat-sun 13-17

Mon-tue 12-18

Teeth of the Earth

honey scents, rags

a ruined picnic and views

And rocks are liquid like fruits and embodiments, more slowly

I look at our hands above the ground

our ghostly hands



A year ago, I built a human figure out of clay to hang out at a picnic for the entire summer. In the fall, I retrieved the sculpture that had melted into its sheets and tore it into pieces at the ruined picnic. Now I'm building a new picnic spot, a temporary space for memories and accumulations, a gesture of awakening, and a collage of things that attract one towards small changes of position and movements. My work is a combination of clay, ceramics, sheets, video, and found objects.

Henna Herranen is a Helsinki-based visual artist, and graduated with a Master of Arts degree from the Aalto University. Accumulations and the smallest movements is her first solo exhibition, which continues the narrative from her previous artwork To land once on a picnic, which was exhibited at the Öres22 summer exhibition in the Kimitö archipelago.


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