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3.-15.1. Eoin O’Dowd: Behind the Walls Tickling the Bricks

Behind the Walls Tickling the Bricks is a selection of works by Eoin O'Dowd made since their arrival in Finland (2020-2022). In 2021 Eoin created new works for a solo show Emotional Illiteracy, and in 2022 curated and contributed to another show Cathartic Heresy. The contents of this exhibition build upon these preceding works.

Behind the Walls Tickling the Bricks is a vernacular expression often heard from the artist's Mother during childhood. The term was used (perhaps in err) to express a lack of one's personal responsibility for another's.

i.e: Where are my shoes? - Behind the walls ticking the bricks... The comic absurdity of the term was selected for its enduring and affectionate association.

The recurring motif throughout Eoin O'Dowd's work references violent personal experiences. Though strictly non religious, the work makes use of introspective traditions and an abundance of symbolic and allegorical imagery. Considering the temporality of Flesh, and its means to consider transcendental concepts of Grace. The work is a cathartic outlet for otherwise immaterial consequences of physical conditions.

Eoin O’Dowd is a multimedia artist and curator from Dublin Ireland, living and working in Helsinki Finland. Increasingly their work has been in collaboration with composers and musicians, with use of homemade instruments and performance. Thematically the work concerns frustrations and fragility born of an emotional illiteracy, taught, and ubiquitous in reactionary masculinity. Eoin seeks to promote a subjective and pluralistic interpretation of the masculine. Eoin's work has been exhibited internationally and is held in private and public collections.

Preview: 3rd January 6-9 p.m. Opening hours: Mon – Sun 12-6 p.m.


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