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3.-9.8. Hanna Valle: Offspring

’Offspring’ examines the shapes of death on the verge of climate catastrophe. It is a spatial Science Fiction story whose characters are ceramic objects yearning to be touched – creatures searching new pathways or digging out of polluted ground. Similarly to speciation, where the interactions of non-living and living processes give shape to an emergent form, the biological structure of an organism, death’s aesthetic expression of form plays a part in the history of life. The deaths of ancient species are part of the living ones’ heredity – they nest in the cavities of the body and poke out from its skin. As an installation, ’Offspring' illustrates different multi-species trails. By following these yet unknown and unborn organisms caught in the soil and waste, we can imagine what might be ahead of us. It offers hope for a continuity that survives as a possibility despite a traumatic and gruesome past. Offspring is a continuum of work started at 2020.

Hanna Valle (@hnavalley) is a graphic designer and artist who works mainly with sculptures, drawings and web platforms. In her works she explores the themes of ecology, violence and intimacy.


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