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4.4.-10.4. Emma Johansson: Fluffy Teeth

Emma Johansson - Fluffy Teeth

Opening: Thursday 4.4. 18-21

Opening hours:

Fri 14-18

Sat-Sun 14-18

Mon 14-18

Tues 16-19

Wed 14-18


Asbestos Art Space, Kristianinkatu 16

Softness, hardness, sharpness, and smoothness intermingle in the textile and ceramic pieces of Fluffy Teeth. Together they create a spatial story about intimacy, touch, and curiosity. A story about fumbling fingers and kissing in a thornbush. About teeth, droplets, and volcanic eruptions.

Emma Johansson (@emmasonson) is an artist and illustrator from Helsinki whose practice revolves around bringing drawings to life and into the three-dimensional realm through tactile sculptures, spatial installations, animation, and printed media. Daydreaming, abundance, sensuality, and corporeality function as starting points for their works.


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