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9.-21.7. Petra Aaltola & Rasmus Mäkelä: Sandbox immanence

Opening: 9.7. 16–21

Opening hours 9. – 21.7.

mon–sun 12–19

(Events during the exhibition will be announced separately)

Privet hawk moth caterpillars in a plastic box,

a gloomy Polly Pocket,

the quiet call of a wood pigeon

and a Bratz doll gently cradling its worries.

How do childhood plays appear in retrospect? Was the playful care given to caterpillars and other beings just plain harmful? Why does the ant character in a movie evoke sympathy, but an actual ant is insignificant to many?

Visual artists Petra Aaltola and Rasmus Mäkelä both grew up in Orimattila, and their joint exhibition intertwines nostalgia and the fragility of the present. They examine childhood memories through anthropomorphism among other angles. In the artistic process a question arises: can play be used as a tool in adulthood’s emotional labor?

Instagram: @rasmus.m ja @pepsuga


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