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Opening 28.6.2024 from 18 to 21

+- 5

Dan Beard, Juha Fors, Mirka Hämäläinen, Kimmo Kumela, Heidi Lahtinen, Jaakko Leeve, Robin Lindqvist, Nelly Toussaint

+-5 are a multinational group of artists from France, Sweden, Finland and the UK. In addition to being professional artists, they also work as freelance art handlers in museums in and around the capital region in Finland.

Artworks are normally installed at a mid-frame height of 145cm (eye level). The name of the group refers to the normal + or - 5 cm measurement that it may fluctuate between. This is the museum industry standard that they follow, but with this exhibition they have determined the heights themselves.

The idea for a joint exhibition came to them in 2021 while building exhibitions for the Helsinki Biennale. As art handlers they are silent observers of the art scene. This exhibition presents their works for others to observe.


Tuesday to Friday from 12 to 18 o clock

Saturday and Sunday from 12 to 17 o clock


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