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1.-31.5. OPEN CALL for 2025

Hey y'all!

Asbestos Art Space's open call for 2025 is on! The deadline for applications is on the 31st May 2024, at midnight Finnish time.

How to apply?

You can find the application format (Word) on our website ( under the 'visiting artists' button. Fill in the form and send it to us to

NB: Please read over our terms of use before applying for an exhibition:

Exhibition slots available are from January 2025 until December 2025. Please let us know about your wish for the time and length of the exhibition when filling the form!

Our rental fees:

The fee depends on the duration of the event / exhibition.

1–6-day events: 30 € per day

7–13-day events: 27 € per day

Events lasting more than 14 days: 25 € per day

Private events: 150 € per day

Our space can also be rented for private use. Are you looking for a space for, for example, a weekly gathering? In such cases, you can freely contact us, we will negotiate a suitable price together :)

Events with admission fees: daily price + 30 % of the receipts from admission fees

Asbestos Art Space does not charge commission on sales.

Asbestos ry is a non profit association. All income is spent on costs regarding running the art venue. Asbestos ry will lower the price list as soon as the opportunity permits. The price list mentioned above is valid starting on the 1st of January 2025.

We will inform you about our selection by 15.7.2024. We would love to offer all applicants a slot, however we may not be able to fit all applicants to the next season. In the case we won't be able to fit you in, we encourage you to apply again during the next open call.

For further information, we will reply to your questions via email, Facebook or on our Instagram account asbestos_art_space.

We are looking forward hearing about your proposals <3

- Asbestos collective


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