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10.-12.7. Hanna Vuorivirta: Hiking simulation

Hanna Vuorivirta: Hiking simulation, installation, 2023

Open 10.-12.7. from 12.00 to 19.00

Hiking Simulation is a snapshot of an artistic practice of the same name that explores embodied sensation, thinking, listening and human experience. The starting point of this continuing artistic practice has been a series of long walks on a predetermined loop trail that begins and ends at my front door, with a backpack full of everything one would need on a longer hiking trip. The question is: By repeating sensory stimuli and actions associated with hiking, can one reach the same mental and embodied pleasure that an actual hiking trip can evoke – and will this practice reveal something about why the urge to hike is so persuasive?

The installation consists of a video projection (4 min 54 s), a fully packed backpack, hiking poles, a handkerchief, printouts and instructions for experiencing the art work.

Hanna Vuorivirta is an art education student at Aalto University.


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