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10.-17.10.2021 Slumber Party

Opening on Monday 11.10 from 18-22 Visiting hours: Tue-Thu 12-19 Fri-Sat 15-22 Sun 12-18

Slumber Party is a festival-like exhibition of four artists. The aim is to create an exhibition space with a variety of functions rather than just looking at art. During the week, the space will feature performances by visiting artists. The event turns Asbestos into a soft hanging space where you can come and hang out for a long time in the middle of everyday life, or you can bring everyday life and a laptop with you and work remotely in the space. The Slumber Party is a soft intervention in a gallery space that dismantles traditional ways of presenting and experiencing art.


Aino Autere

Jaakko Ristimäki

Axel Oey

Andra Sarenius

Performer descriptions + links soundcloud/bandcamp/insta

Mon 11.10:

Laua Rip


Fri 15.10:




Heta biladetlin

Sa 16.10:

Ignata Elana


Pink 187

Angel Spider


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