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18.6. Motuz Group

Motuz Group continues their visit to Finland with a performance in Helsinki at Asbestos Art Space. This promises to be an intimate evening of intricate interplay between artists and audiences.

Motuz Group stands at the forefront of interdisciplinary performing arts, shaping its trajectory since 2019. Led by founder Mark Hurrell, this collective of diverse artists seamlessly blends improvised music and dance, creating a truly unique experience for audiences.

Experience a breathtaking journey where classic songs are reimagined, drawing from the jazz standard repertoire. Delve into a multi-sensory emotional journey, perfect for dance, jazz, art, and theatre enthusiasts alike.

Iina Johanson - Vocals

Anne-Sofie Østergaard - Dance

Philip Akrofi - Double Bass

Mark Hurrell - Saxophone

Tickets: €5


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