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19.-25.2.2024 Bettina Delia: Natural Mystic

Vernissage 19.2 18-20

Opening hours; ti-to 14-19

                     pe-la 12-20

                     su 12-17

'Curious by nature, this explorer on earth. Arrived to this earthly body in order to wander and experience the beauty of all that exists, nature's striking fauna and flora. Nature's spectacular colors, light and warmth of the Sun- as their equal counterforces, the star sky, shadows and the polar night, together form a balance, which also conceals the peace and quiet that the traveler repeatedly searches for. Occasionally, they encounter with the supernatural inviting them over for some soul food and peace of mind.'

Natural Mystic is a collection of souveniers from worldly life experiences as well as the excursions of the consciousness in the form of paintings, collages and drawings, where nature's creatures and the mysticism of the mind merge into one.

Bettina Delia (born 1993) is a visual artist from Helsinki, who mostly paints with spray paint and acrylics. This is her first exhibition.


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