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19.4.-1.5 Tanja Nyo: Europe is My Name

Tanja Nyo's paintings refer to European literature, images of the time and cultural phenomena. They have a dialogue with prose, poetry, cartoons and non-fiction books.

However, Europeanness is only an example, not a theme, and more precisely it is about reading identity. Books have been planted in the mold of cultural identity and mason to its foundations. In this time, the experience of intensive reading has changed and partly disappeared. With DIY quick reading, we change the soil and cornerstones if necessary, and in individual culture everyone has their own modified cultural memory. Nyo's paintings present a cultural memory of a one individual northern European who learned to read in the 70s : "There is Europe as I have read it then and now."

Tanja Nyo graduated as a painter in Helsinki in 2018. She lives and works in Porvoo. "I feel that it is an artist's privileged task to act as an observer, interpreter and memory of society, and this idea is projected into my works."

Open hours

Tue-Fri 12-17

Sat-Sun 12-16

1.5. closing party 12-15



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