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2.1.-7.1. Sami Jalonen: DENSE FOG, OBJECT

Dim the horizon without assuming anything.

Surfaces and colors as a coat. It turns in the wind, folds and forms.

Interior, ship, incision in landscape

Everything takes shape only to fall apart again.

Did the sun come up yet?

Moon, wonder wanderer,

what a light

The exhibition consists of oil paintings on canvas, sculptural acrylic paintings on paper, and polyurethane and canvas based painting.

"You know, those red moments where it's thin, like, pretty, early on, and... But then, simul—

I also, like, include the... like the tinted blues



Heart pain



I feel




New plane

I swore

Good friend

I've been


– Animal Collective


Sami Jonathan Jalonen (b. 1993, Porvoo) is studying in his third year at the Turku Arts Academy. He mainly works with painting and his work has been exhibited in several group exhibitions and two solo exhibitions in Turku and Helsinki. Works have been acquired for private collections.

Jalonen is currently working in the expanded field of painting. He examines the material, spatial and formal possibilities of painting. He is interested in the question of painting as an object and as a layered surface. Jalonen juxtaposes paintings that differ in their nature and materials and derives his content from the relationships between them and the mutual 'conversations' formed by the works.

Opening Tue 2.1. 18:00

(With three performances, starting 20:00)

Opening hours:

Wed 12-18

Thu 12-18

Fri 12-18

Sat 12-18

Sun 12-15


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