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2.-11.9. Emmi Valve & Taina Hakala: Evidence

Exhibition Opening on Friday from 6-8 pm

Opening hours:

from 3rd to 10th of sep. from 1-8 pm

Sunday on 11th of sep. from 11am to 2pm

We are investigating our relation to objects surrounding us in our everyday lives. The exhibition includes drawings, aquarelle paintings, small sculptures, and Installation.

How are we sustaining our lives together with objects that are higly valued on regular basis, how we build our self image and gender with new kind of objects, makeup and clothes.

What kind of objects do we use every day? Or what kind of things we use hardly never but still we value them as a part of who we are or want to become?

There will be morning coffee on the last day of the exhibition. Both artists will be present.

You are warmly welcome!


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