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2.-7.5. Emilia Lehikoinen: Kivet ja kannot

The works represent a desire to learn to understand different surrounding surfaces, shapes and textures. Understanding the transience of nature, whether through changing of the seasons or the loss of biodiversity accelerated by the climate crisis, makes one look around in a new way. It ignites the desire to preserve through painting. In my works, I particularly take up subjects that are often taken for granted – tree bark,mushrooms and mosses. By observing and preserving them through art, I also constantly discover new dimensions in my own painting.

Emilia Lehikoinen (born 2002) is a visual artist working mostly with oil paints, living and working in Porvoo. The naturalistic touch that often serves as a starting point in the works varies in accordance with the ever-changing surrounding life.

Exhibition opening 2.5. 18-20

Open hours:

Fri 14-19

Sat-Sun 12-16

Mon-Tue 14-19



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