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22.-30.7. Matilda Palmu: Creatures and other wonders

Exhibition opening hours:

FRI 22.7 OPENING 5-8 pm SAT-SUN 23.-24.7 1-4 pm TUE-FRI 26.-29.7 3-7 pm SAT 30.7 1-4 pm

“Once I had a dream about a magical place where all the flowers in the world were blossoming in all the colors of the world. In that colorful and happy place I was a fantastical creature. I had fantastical arms and fantastical legs and I was completely covered in flowers. I was surrounded by other wonderful creatures in all different shapes and sizes. There were creatures who constantly changed their shape as if they were fluid. Some creatures distantly resembled the parts of the human body; I thought I saw a walking eye! Some of the creatures were so peculiar that I have never seen anything like them before. All in all there were all sorts of wonderful, peculiar and fantastical creatures and I felt a deep sense of belonging among them. I could be here, there and anywhere, in peace with the others.”

“Creatures and other wonders” exhibition tells the story of identity, sexuality, gender and the joy of finding oneself. The exhibition is a burst of colors, a piece of fantasy, a playful and humoristic insight to the artist Matilda Palmu's inner world. The series of artworks consists of jacquard tapestries and hand-tufted wall rugs. The exhibition is a continuum of Palmu's previous exhibitions: “Fantastical creatures in the sexotic garden” (2021) and “Pussyeyes and nippleflowers” (2020).

Matilda Palmu (born 1986) is a Helsinki based artist and designer who finds inspiration for her work from her own life and her miraculous dreams. The guiding mantra for her art is “more is not enough”. The characteristic elements for her creative practice are the use of bold colors and surface patterns, exploring alternative realities as well as working simultaneously with different materials and techniques. Matilda has graduated as Master of Arts from Aalto University in 2020 specialized in textile design and art.

Artist: Matilda Palmu instagram: @matildapalmu


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