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25.4.-3.5. Grey Garden Studios: Out Of Office


25th of April, 18-20

Opening hours:

Tues - Sat 12–18

Sun (30.4) 12-16,

Mon (1.5) closed


Sunday 30.4, 12-16 Vappu Cafe coffee & munkki & live painting

Tuesday 2.5, 18–20 - A reading, sound performance and short film screening

Exhibiting Artists:

Laura Böök (FI), Oscar Dempsey (FI/NIR), Jane Hughes (FI/IRL),

Kaisa Huotari (FI), Marko Järvikallas (FI), Henriikka Kivelä (FI),

Aino Koski (FI), Maya Kubinova (FI/SVK), Carla Lundell (FI),

Benjamin Murphy (FI/UK), Heli Niska (FI), Maritta Nurmi (FI),

Azar Saiyar (FI), Alena Tereshko (FI/RU), Marloes van Son (FI/NLD)

The exhibition brings together works by 15 members of the Grey Garden studio collective, a group of artists working in a 1970s office building in Merihaka. Like many other artists in Helsinki, we do our creative work in outdated and unwanted office spaces of yesteryear. Often, these buildings are in various states of neglect and, as in the case of Merihaka, also surrounded by construction sites.

The title Out of Office could refer to taking artworks literally out of the office or perhaps a commentary on the nature of creative work. One of our main aims is to celebrate community and bring people out of their private studios and into dialogue with each other and the public. The architecture of one’s studio seeps consciously and unconsciously into the way one works - ceiling heights and door sizes may dictate the scale of work, and nearby drilling noises may generate ideas or cause a disturbance.

Similarly, studio neighbours, planned and unplanned studio visits, lunchtime conversations and chats over coffee all trickle into the collective creative psyche. The exhibition features work from different disciplines including; drawing, installation, painting, photography and sculpture, and expands from the gallery to the street.

There will also be two events during the exhibition. On Sunday 30.4. we are organising a Vappu café and live painting event. On Tuesday 2.5. there will be a reading event, sound performance and short film screening.

Grey Garden Studios was co-founded by Finnish & international artists in Itä-Pasila in 2019. The title Grey Garden Studios reflects the urban architecture of both the Itä-Pasila and Merihaka locations. It is also a nod to the documentary Grey Gardens (1975) - a film depicting the everyday lives of two eccentric reclusive women, a mother and daughter who lived in poverty in a decaying Mansion in New York. The studios aim to foster a creative working environment, share resources and have a supportive community. Grey Garden Studios relocated to Meritorni, in Merihaka April 2022 due to the imminent sale of the building in Itä-Pasila by Helsinki City. GG now consists of 19 studios with members varying from young to mid-career artists.

Contact info :

Instagram: @grey_garden_studios



Laura Böök (FI)

Oscar Dempsey (FI / NIR)

Jane Hughes (FI / IRL)

Kaisa Huotari (FI)

Marko Järvikallas (FI)

Henriikka Kivelä (FI)

Aino Koski (FI)

Maya Kubinova (FI / SVK)

Carla Lundell (FI)

Benjamin Murphy (FI / UK)

Heli Niska (FI)

Maritta Nurmi (FI)

Azar Saiyar (FI)

Alena Tereshko (FI / RU)

Marloes van Son (FI/NLD)


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