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3.11.2021 Anonymous (no)bodies

Hybrid event on Wednesday 3.11 from 8pm to 9pm

The Asbestos Art Space gallery has an improvised electronic music, as well as the movement of physical and virtual the relationship of the bodies.



Meeting ID: 872 4346 1069

Passcode: 341873

When participating in the output virtually, please keep the camera and

your microphone off. When you log in to zoom, you can specify

if you wish, a nickname for yourself to maintain anonymity.

Both forms of participation are free and open for everyone whom interested.

Thank you for your support The Arts Promotion Centre Finland (Taike) ja City of Helsinki

Anonymous (no) bodies is a virtual community dance work that explores the role of the anonymous body, as well as the opportunities of virtual body as social interaction is placed on the screens. How the body materiality and the virtual environment immateriality can duet with each other? How can we face each other empathetically in intangible reality? How explore this abstract landscape physically and collectively, against whom do we live most strongly in this time?

The Anonymous (no) bodies working group has been in the last six weeks

explored virtual environments for presence, empathy, as spaces of inclusion, movement and dance. The working process is enabled the realization of physical pluralism alongside virtual community events and exploration in the artistic process.

The dancers are Inka Wallis, Iiris Hildén, Kielo Kivinen, Pinja Rajala

Vilma Mankonen and the nickname In Front of the New Direction, and a musician

Arttu Sauvola.


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