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3.-9.7. Vilma Viita: Rearrangement

Vilma Viita: Rearrangement

Open hours:

Mon 3.7. at 6-10 pm opening


Jenni Jussila, poetry slam

Nella Matleena, Dancing barefoot A movement study about the feelings and sensations of the body at the moment. The title of the study comes from Patti Smith's song of the same name, which I hum in my head while moving and researching.

Tue 4.7. at 12-7 pm

Wed 5.7. at 12-7 pm

Thu 6.7. at 12-7 pm

Fri 7.7. at 12-7 pm

Sat 8.7. at 12-7 pm

Sun 9.7. at 11 am-3 pm

The collection of works in the Rearrangement exhibition is part of an artistic journey that began in 2017, in which the artist has sought to reclaim ownership of their own body. The techniques used are painting, sculpture, and dance. The torso has been at the center of the process. Viita has examined the outside gaze, created a safer space to support the creative process, encouraged theirself, explored their boundaries, justified their own existence, dismantled the old, and assembled the new. Viita’s goal is to nourish permissiveness, provide care, and be seen. The Rearrangement exhibition is an intermediate review of this journey, which end result is still unknown.

Vilma Viita is a 27-year-old artist who mainly works in Helsinki and Oulu. Viita has a broad and long-standing interest in visual arts and has been dancing their whole life. Viita graduated in January 2022 as a dancer from the North Karelia school Riveria. Since then, they have worked in collective workgroups. Viita is part of the PAHA KURKI dance collective. Viita has an insatiable need to learn new skills. In addition to accessibility and interdisciplinarity, Viita is also interested in exploring the working methods from a neurodivergent perspective.


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