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30.3.- 2.4.2023 Marjaana Rantala: Kinesis

Opening 30.3. at 18-21

Free entry!

Opening hours:

Thu 18-21 (opening)

Fri 12-18

Sat 12-18

Sun 11-16

Kinesis is a photo-based study inspecting the realities of non-human animals. The exhibition explores representation of insects, other arthropods and molluscs from natural scientific and animal philosophical points of views, as well as perspectives considering their consciousness. Kinesis examines speculative modelings of non-human animals’ experiences while considering the limitations of understanding these beings. What would interactive coexistence between human animals and non-human animals look like?


Special thanks !

Opening party drinks @fatlizardbeer

Frames Aleksi @paskaallu

Paper @painovoimary @utopiaslaht


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