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4.-10.9. Punit Hiremath: Dear Passangers

Open hours: 11 a.m. - 6 p.m. daily

The detailed hand-painted illustrations are from my observations while commuting through Helsinki city. The medium of commute, the metro, functions as the lens through which I depict many passengers, elements, and interactions therein, that lend Helsinki its own personality. The artwork focuses on the abstracts, the in-betweens that define the city’s identity as an undertow of unspoken, unwritten spirit. Inspired by George Perec’s deliberations on ‘endotic anthropology’ my work reflects upon the everyday sociological aspects of the city, and cultural traits that arise from it. At a humanistic level, it will study the juxtaposition of the individual across these cultural and sociological layers. It is a reflection on the diversity, the contradictions and the overarching harmony that defines the people of Helsinki; sometimes doing, and sometimes, just being. On the one hand, I am to hold up an existential mirror, highlighting what it means to be, in moments of isolation and self-reflection. On the other, I hope to show the common thread that runs between these people, tying them together in a shared experience.


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