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6.-12.5. Katja Suvilehto: The Corner

Exhibition opening:

at 6th of May from 6pm to 10pm

Live music by The Two-legged Spiders at 7pm

Opening hours:

Saturday to Sunday from 11 am to 3pm

Monday to Thursday from 12 to 5pm

Exhibition title The Corner was given in my dream from an unknown source. It symbolizes the dark corner of human mind, subconsciousness. It is the place where day time experiences blends together creating irrational and odd pictures that might stay as a mystery. On the other hand, the corner can lead to a space where a dreamer can travel safely towards the stars. My works can be experienced as paused surrealistic moviescenes. Viewers can create the next scene in their minds as well as the identity of the anonymous figures.

The Exhibition was first on view at Free City of Kalasatama. Now its story continues at Asbestos Art Space.



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