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9.-19.5. ‘to kosie’ and Natalie S. Eliassen: Mermaids tale

Opening Thu 9th May 18-21

Open: 10-19th May 14 - 18

'Mermaids tale’ is the first exhibition presenting the artistic collaboration between Natalie Seifert Eliassen, a Norwegian artist based in Oslo, and ‘to kosie’ a Polish artist based in Helsinki. The video performance “Get Wet and Sparkle!” is the main element of the exhibition. It tells a tale of fluid gender and sexuality referring to colors of the queer flag and transitional nature of sea waters. The artists enchant local mermaids which live in peace and harmony in a fluid underwater world where every sexuality is respected and welcomed. Through the movement of a voluminous patchwork textile and by reciting spells to learn the sea ways of living. The conversation concerns sexuality, boundaries, pleasure, and freedom.

The video performance was shot at the shore of Vartiosaari island in Helsinki. The artists will also present the textile patchwork created together for the video performance and individual sculptural works.

Natalie Seifert Eliassen b. 1993, is a Norwegian artist living and working in Oslo. She works with textiles, costumes and performances and the topics of inclusive sexuality, femme symbols and clitoris awareness. She works with the mistakes and embraces them instead of erasing them. Eliassen graduated with an MFA at Helsinki Academy of Fine Arts, Time and Space department in spring 2023. IG: @nataliese

'to kosie' is a visual artist born in Poland and based in Helsinki. Its work focuses on queer- feminist perspective on underwater life, exploring concepts of fluidity, curiosity, ongoing interaction and transformation. ‘to kosie’ builds fluid compositions in forms of mixed media sculptures and installations. Its video works function as video performances, with the camera actively engaging in the action. Its recent poetry and songwriting is rooted in theoretical research and in its own sensual experiences. IG: @to_kosie


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